§ 8-1. Definition.  

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  • As used in this chapter, the term "automobile graveyard" shall mean any lot or place which is exposed to the weather and upon which more than five (5) motor vehicles of any kind, that are incapable of being operated, and which it would not be economically practical to make operative, are placed, located or found. The movement or rearrangement of vehicles within an existing lot or facility does not render this definition inapplicable. The provisions established by this chapter shall begin with the first day that the vehicle is placed on the subject property.

(Ord. No. 98, § 1; Code 1961, § 6-1; Ord. No. 6136-05, § 1)

State law reference

Similar definition with respect to automobile graveyards adjacent to highways, Code of Virginia, § 33.1-348.