Code Of Ordinances

Chapter 1. General Provisions
Chapter 2. Administration
Chapter 3. Advertising
Chapter 4. Air Pollution Control (Reserved)
Chapter 5. Amusements
Chapter 6. Animals And Fowl
Chapter 7. Armory
Chapter 8. Automobile Graveyards
Chapter 9. Barbershops And Beauty Parlors
Chapter 10. Bicycles, Motorized Scooters, Or Electricpower-Assisted Bicycles And Mopeds
Chapter 11. Watercraft, Docks, Piers And Waterways
Chapter 12. Bondsmen
Chapter 13. Building Regulations
Chapter 13.5. Reserved
Chapter 14. Education
Chapter 15. Elections
Chapter 15.1. Fair Housing
Chapter 16. Fire Prevention And Protection
Chapter 17. Food And Food Establishments
Chapter 18. Gambling
Chapter 19. Solid Waste, Litter And Recycling
Chapter 20. Health And Sanitation Generally
Chapter 21. Hotels And Similar Establishments
Chapter 21.1. Human Rights
Chapter 22. Library System
Chapter 23. Licenses
Chapter 24. Massage Parlors And Health Clubs
Chapter 25. Mobile Home Parks
Chapter 26. Motor Vehicles And Traffic
Chapter 26.1. Reserved
Chapter 27. Obscenity
Chapter 28. Offenses—Miscellaneous
Chapter 29. Parks, Squares And Recreational Facilities
Chapter 30. Pawnbrokers; Buyers Of Old Gold And Silver
Chapter 31. Pensions And Retirement
Chapter 32. Police
Chapter 33. Sewers And Sewage Disposal
Chapter 33.01. Signs
Chapter 33.02. Site Regulations
Chapter 33.1. Smoking
Chapter 34. Human Services
Chapter 35. Soil Removal And Other Land-Disturbing Activities
Chapter 36. Solicitors
Chapter 37. Special Sales
Chapter 37.1. Stormwater Management
Chapter 38. Streets And Sidewalks
Chapter 39. Swimming Pools
Chapter 40. Taxation
Chapter 40.1. Underground Installation Of Lines And Pipes And Their Related Facilities
Chapter 40.2. Enterprise Zones, Technology Zones And Tourism Zones
Chapter 40.3. Vegetation
Chapter 41. Vehicles For Hire
Chapter 42. Water Supply
Chapter 43. Weapons
Chapter 44. Wetlands
Chapter 45. Zoning Ordinance
Appendix B. Subdivision Regulations
Article I. Short Title
Article II. Definitions
Article III. Administration
Article IV. General Regulations
Article V. Procedure For Making And Recording Plats
Article VI. Requirements Of Preliminary Development Plans
Article VII. Requirements Of Final Plats
Article VIII. Requirements And Standards Of Design
Article IX. Minimum Improvements Required
Article X. Development Plans
Article XI. Condominium Unit Development
Article XII. Vacation Of Plat
Article XIII. Violations And Penalties
Article XIV. Separability Clause
Article XV. Amendments
Article XVI. Repeal