§ 4.03. Powers and duties of mayor generally; absence or disability of mayor and of vice-mayor  

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  • The mayor shall preside over the meetings of the council and shall have the same right to vote and speak therein as other members. He shall be recognized as the head of the city government for all ceremonial purposes, the purposes of military law and the service of civil process. The mayor shall execute all bonds and notes issued for the purpose of borrowing money, under the direction of the council, and the seal of the corporation shall be affixed and attested by the city clerk. The vice-mayor shall in the absence or disability of the mayor perform the duties of mayor. In the absence or disability of both the mayor and vice-mayor, the council shall, by majority vote of those present, choose one of their number to perform the duties of mayor. The council shall have no authority to choose one of its members to be mayor except to fill a vacancy in the office of mayor as provided in § 3.04.

(Acts 1988, Ch. 631, § 1; Acts 1990, Ch. 305, § 2; Acts 1999, Ch. 799, § 1; Acts 1999, Ch. 827, § 1; Acts 2012, Ch. 193, § 1)


The enactment of Chapter 193 of the Acts of Assembly of 2012 shall be effective July 1, 2012.